How to Maintain Mailing Lists

Mailing lists and attendance sheets are a big part of the civil rights files. There are some general guidelines to aid you in maintaining these lists.

First, all lists must be coded by gender and ethnicity and summarized at the end of the list. To achieve parity we must demonstrate that we are reaching out to under-served populations in our community and under-served populations are attending our programs. We must be able to compare the actual demographics of our counties with who we send announcements to and who attends our programs.

Mailing lists must be updated yearly. People move in and out of communities. CES must demonstrate that we are knowledgeable of the demographics of our county and attempt to make contact with new residents. Having a mailing list five years old does not demonstrate all reasonable efforts.

For the above reason it is recommended to date addresses on lists to show when someone was added to your list. This shows changes making it easier for you and for the reviewers.